Behind the Starbucks sign on Lexington Avenue

I can only imagine what a fantastic selection of musical recordings would be available in a Manhattan record store in the sixties. In my hometown in Ohio we had The Harmony House, and if there was an LP you were interested in you would tell the clerk and they would play a cut from it for you to listen to in a private booth. It would have been small compared to a New York store but to me HH opened up a whole world of music; classical, rock, jazz, big band, blues.. they had some of everything, and what wasn’t in stock they could order.. probably from New York!

Ephemeral New York

When the Starbucks at 655 Lexington Avenue shut its doors for a renovation recently, the windows were papered up and the store sign came down . . . revealing this wonderful relic of another Manhattan.


Remember record stores? The Record Centre seems to have been a mini-chain with four Manhattan locations, including two in the West Village.

Thanks to Ephemeral Reader James R. for spotting the sign and taking the photo.

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